Member Spotlight – Rob Jackson, FACHE

Robert C. Jackson, Jr., MBA, FACHE,
Chief Executive Officer – Grove City Medical Center

Why did you join ACHE?

When I started working at Grove City it was my first hospital operations job and the CEO was a huge supporter of ACHE and he made it clear that if you wanted a career in hospital administration you belonged to ACHE.

Looking back, have you been lead to opportunities because of your membership in ACHE?

Absolutely!  The value of networking with peers throughout the area is priceless.  A number of interesting arrangements and projects have been born out of connection made thorough ACHE.

What would you tell other professionals who have not joined ACHE as to the benefits of membership?

It gives you access to a professional community and network that you could never build on your own.  The colleagues you meet through ACHE live the ups and downs that you do and being able to pick up the phone and talk with someone who has been there makes all the difference.

Are networking opportunities throughout Western Pennsylvania something that draws your attention?

I personally try to attend as many of the Face to face education sessions as possible.  There is no better way to earn the face to face credits required for your fellow certification than learning from and sharing with your colleagues.

What would your words of encouragement be to early careerists about pursuing healthcare leadership positions given the ever changing healthcare environment?

Bloom where you are planted and make the most of every opportunity.