Early Careerist Network

Early Careerist Network of ACHE of Western PA

About Us

The Early Careerist Network (ECN) is a special interest component of the American College of Healthcare Executives. The ACHE of Western PA Early Careerist Network  serves as the local affiliate to this network. Created in 2013, the chapter  ECN hopes to connect early careerists together while fostering continuing education, community involvement, partnerships, and promotion of ACHE of Western PA events.


ACHE members 40 years of age and under are automatically part of the Early Careerist Network. The ECN comprises of individuals in the early to middle stages of their healthcare career.

Benefits of the ECN

  • Organizational Engagement: Encourages active participation in ACHE of Western PA and supports current Early Careerist members seeking advancement to Fellow status.
  • Professional Development: Provides targeted educational and professional development opportunities for Early Careerists.
  • Mentorship: Cultivates relationships between senior-level executives and early careerists. CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE MENTOR/MENTEE SIGN UP FORM
  • Community Engagement: Provides philanthropic and social networking opportunities for Early Careerists; facilitates outreach to local students.
  • Mock Interviews: Enables opportunities to practice and enhance your interviewing skills with current executives in the industry. CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE MOCK INTERVIEW SIGN UP FORM

Upcoming Events


stay tuned for information on ECN events in 2016

More Information and Opportunities

For more information about ACHE of Western PA or volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@westpa.achechapter.org