Member Spotlight – Lee Clinton, FACHE

Lee M. Clinton, FACHE
CEO and President
Titusville Area Hospital

Why did you join ACHE?

I joined ACHE because my colleagues, that held positions that I aspired to someday achieve, were not only members, but also held ACHE credentials.  This included my early mentor and various faculty at the University of Missouri where I completed my graduate degree.  In addition, my alumni association holds annual social events at ACHE Congress for alumni and students alike.  All of these factors made ACHE membership important to me because it was significant to the people I looked up to.

Looking back, have you been lead to opportunities because of your membership in ACHE?

Although I cannot say there is a direct cause and effect relationship, I’m confident that my membership and participation in ACHE and organizations that value ACHE membership has created opportunity for me. I believe the FACHE credential is respected, valuable, and worth maintaining.

What would you tell other professionals who have not joined ACHE as to the benefits of membership?

There are many benefits of membership, from the simple website functions of the affiliate directory and job board that membership provides access to; to the quality education and networking ACHE provides.  But to me, the most important benefit is the FACHE credential and the opportunity to show the competence of gaining board certification in healthcare management.

Are networking opportunities throughout Western Pennsylvania something that draws your attention?

ACHE of Western PA has done a fabulous job of providing networking and educational opportunities throughout the region to lessen the travel burden for those who reside and work out outside the greater Pittsburgh metro area.  Having served on the Missouri chapter’s local programing council in the past; I can appreciate the amount of effort it takes to coordinate an event. 

What would your words of encouragement be to early careerists about pursuing healthcare leadership positions given the ever changing healthcare environment?

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in healthcare!  There is a lot of change occurring very rapidly, especially in Pennsylvania.  This will create opportunities and need for capable and competent leaders in the new environment.  My advice is to be engaged, gain experience, and persistently add value where you can in your present position to create growth opportunities for yourself.  Finally, make your bosses life easier.  Bring solutions, not just problems; instead of forwarding a huge email with a lot of data, add an executive summary.  Simple things that give busy people a few minutes of their day back go a long way.