Member Spotlight – David Scott, FACHE

David Scott, FACHE currently serves as President and CEO of Ohio Valley Hospital.  He has been with Ohio Valley Hospital for 30 years and in the role of President and CEO since July 2010.  He holds a Masters of Public Health in Hospital Administration as well as a Bachelors of Science in Health Information Management from the University of Pittsburgh.  Mr. Scott also sits on the Board of Directors of the Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania.

Why did you join ACHE?

I actually joined as a graduate student in 1981-1982.  The University of Pittsburgh’s graduate program encourages students to join in order to learn more about the profession, get to know others and network.

Looking back, have you been lead to opportunities because of your membership in ACHE?

The best thing ACHE has done for me, and that I have always found to be very helpful, is the annual conferences reinvigorate you in terms of thinking and the profession.  And it opens your eyes to what others are doing and what they have accomplished.

What would you tell other professionals who have not joined ACHE as to the benefits of membership?

When I have encountered others over the years who are not members I tell them that ACHE helps you to establish a professional identity, enables you to network with the same people who have the same career goals and aspirations, and keeps you up to date with the state of the art thinking.

Are networking opportunities throughout Western Pennsylvania something that draws your attention?

Yes, as I have found in all of the programs that I have done, you gain a better perspective when speaking with others that have worked through similar challenges.  They may also have resources that you may not have thought about or difference contacts then you may have.

What would your words of encouragement be to persons early in their career (0-7 years) since healthcare has changed so much since 1982 to today, so they keep moving forward in this profession?

There are a lot of exciting opportunities and innovations in this profession.  So much is happening through technology and IT.  Things are rapidly changing.