Member Spotlight – Sameer Kokan

Sameer Kokan
Consulting Manager
ProspHire, LLC


Why did you join ACHE?

I joined ACHE as a student pursuing my MHA in order gain a better understanding of what I could expect in the professional world. I wanted to be part of an organization that focused on healthcare management excellence, and would help get me on the right path to helping contribute to wellness in my community and beyond. ACHE was, and continues to be, the perfect fit.

Looking back, have you been lead to opportunities because of your membership in ACHE?

I have been able to connect with a wide array of healthcare professionals, drawing on their knowledge and experience to help me in my career. Specifically, ACHE Congress is a great opportunity to create and foster those connections.

What would you tell other professionals who have not joined ACHE as to the benefits of membership?

An ACHE membership gives you access to a vast international network of professionals in various areas of the healthcare industry. These members are willing and able to help each other by sharing ideas, making connections, and providing mentorship. Additionally, there are great educational opportunities available as part of membership that can help you stay up-to-date on the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Are networking opportunities throughout Western Pennsylvania something that draws your attention?

Absolutely! Healthcare in Western Pennsylvania is a very unique environment, which fosters tremendous opportunity. The sheer amount of work that needs to be done leads to a wide variety of important and fulfilling roles within the industry. Networking is particularly important in my role as a Consulting Manager at ProspHire.

What would your words of encouragement be to early careerists about pursuing healthcare leadership positions given the ever changing healthcare environment?

I would tell them not to limit themselves by being too narrowly focused on a specific aspect of healthcare. I’ve been fortunate to have a career that covers a broad spectrum: pharmaceuticals, IT, healthcare construction, patient experience initiatives, and consulting. By putting myself in different situations and roles, I’ve learned what I enjoy doing. Maybe more importantly, I’ve also learned what I don’t enjoy doing. Your career will not be linear, but rather will take many twists and turns. Keep focused on your long term goals, but understand that there are many ways to arrive at your destination.